DoorDash driver steals tip cup in theft caught on Vancouver business’ security camera

Click to play video: 'Delivery driver takes tip cup from Vancouver cafe'
Delivery driver takes tip cup from Vancouver cafe
Employees of a Vancouver bubble tea shop are warning other small businesses to be vigilant after they say their tip cup was stolen by a delivery driver. As Cassidy Mosconi reports, the entire incident was caught on surveillance video – Mar 4, 2024

The co-owner of a Vancouver business is speaking out after a DoorDash delivery driver was caught on their surveillance cameras taking more than the order he was assigned to.

Jessica Tam, co-owner of Baroness Bubble Tea on Broadway, said a DoorDash order came in on Saturday and when the driver arrived to pick it up, he was told it was sitting on the table.

“And then when he walked out, he took the tip jar away,” Tam said. “It was noticed after he left.”

“We’re angry and upset because those are hard-earned tips. But also at the same time, I feel bad for the Dasher, because he might be struggling. We don’t know the story. But stealing is not right.”

Tam said they know everyone is struggling and every little bit counts.

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Click to play video: 'Consumer Matters helps in fake DoorDash charges'
Consumer Matters helps in fake DoorDash charges

The surveillance video shows the driver looking around, checking out the tip cup and easily grabbing it as he leaves.

“So I contacted DoorDash right after I found out and then we filed a complaint,” Tam added.

In a statement to Global News, DoorDash said what happened was unacceptable and a violation of their rules.

“We have no tolerance for theft or misconduct of any kind and we have removed the Dasher from our platform,” the company said. “We’ve reached out to the owner to help make things right. ”

Michelle Chen works at Baroness Bubble Tea and while she was not working on Saturday, she said she was shocked to hear what happened.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I didn’t think a Dasher could do something like that.”

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Chen said the tips help provide some extra money and they pride themselves on great customer service.

She added they are going to try to think of a way to fasten the tip jar to the counter.

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