Good Samaritan rescues piglet being tossed like a football at Mardi Gras

Piglet was given a new lease on life after bystander rescued him from being tossed around like a football during Mardi Gras. Humane Society of Louisiana / Facebook

A baby pig who was rescued after allegedly being tossed around like a football at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans is resting easy, thanks to a kindhearted Good Samaritan.

The cruel game took place at a recent parade in the Big Easy, according to the Humane Society of Louisiana, although they did not give an exact date.

The organization said a woman spotted three men tossing the animal back and forth “like a Nerf football.”

Distressed by what she was witnessing, she approached them and somehow convinced them to hand over the tiny animal.

“The rowdiness, endless parades, and party-like atmosphere often lend themselves to questionable behaviour – like how three grown men behaved a few days ago,” the organization’s executive director Jeff Dorson posted on Facebook on Monday.

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The bystander then passed the tiny pig on to the Humane Society and the Metairie Small Animal Hospital, who examined him and determined he had not been injured, although he was very scared, reports

A vet tech at the animal hospital accepted the role of foster mom for the pig and, fittingly, named him “Piglet.”

“Let’s also be grateful that this courageous bystander stood up for Piglet. It’s a good reminder for all of us to speak up whenever needed,” Dorson wrote.

Now, Piglet is “enjoying life again,” Dorson shared. He’s been getting lots of rest, attention and TLC, and a fundraiser set up in his name has raised more than $2,000 for the Humane Society.

And while dozens of people have expressed interest in adopting the wee swine, the Humane Society says Piglet will live out his days at a private farm sanctuary owned by State Rep. Lauren Ventrella.


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