Moncton store selling rare, first-ever Spider-Man comic book for $60K

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Moncton store selling rare Spider-Man
WATCH: In the world of comic books, rare Spider-Man comics can send a collector’s heart racing. A friendly neighbourhood comic store in Brunswick has one of those books – with a high-flying price to match. Shelley Steeves reports. – Dec 6, 2023

The “spidey senses” must be tingling among comic hunters entering The Comic Hunter shop in Moncton, since, tucked away in a secret spot in the store, is comic book gold.

“We have Amazing Fancy #15, which is the first appearance of Spider-Man,” said Remi Vienneau LeClair, who manages the store.

The edition of the 1962 comic that sent Spidey’s character soaring on a web to the top of the Marvel charts is up for sale, LeClair said.

But to own it, you will need a super-sized wallet.

“It is $60,000 plus tax,” said LeClair, who said the owner of the store purchased the comic from a local collector a few years ago.

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He says there is no Marvel character with more value and broad appeal than the web-slinger.

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“Spider-Man is the forever number one,” LeClair said.

He said that’s because the “everyday young man behind the suit” makes readers feel like anyone can become a superhero.

“He was the geek who got powers and saved the day and is funny and fun and had the pretty girl,” Vienneau said.

The store copy, graded 3.5 out of 10, is not in perfect condition, which is why it is only worth 60,000 loonies.

LeClair said one in near mint condition sold for $3.6 million.

Trevor Guitard is an avid comic book collector and while he is a Planet of the Apes fan, he says he and his son may be interested in purchasing the rare find.

“It is tempting, and it is something that the family is going to talk about,” Guitard said.

The serious collector is now feeling like snagging the comic that turned a newspaper guy into a superhero just might be a big scoop.

Let the negotiations begin — compliments of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

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