Dog leads family to missing cat that fell into 30-metre mineshaft

Daisy poses on the path that led to the mineshaft where Mowgli was rescued. Facebook / Calweton Veterinary Group

Good dog, Daisy!

An incredibly lucky cat has his canine companion to thank for saving his life after the dog led rescuers to a 30 metre-deep mineshaft the cat fell into.

The cat, Mowgli, disappeared on Oct. 20 and had been missing for six days. Owner Michele Rose told the BBC that she had “almost given up hope” of finding her cat.

However, in a true Lassie moment, she noticed her dog Daisy “going berserk” near the woods of their Cornwall, U.K. home, zooming around trees and trying to get her attention, so she decided to follow Daisy into the woods.

The springer spaniel took off down a path before she “stopped dead in her tracks” next to an abandoned mineshaft.

Daisy poses for a picture on the path to the mineshaft. Facebook / Calweton Veterinary Group

Rose said she called the local SPCA and fire and rescue authorities but it was too dark to access the mineshaft.

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“Daisy and Mowgli are pretty good mates so she could probably tell he was down there,” Rose’s son, Hamish, told the PA news agency.

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The next morning, the rescue teams returned to the mineshaft and were stunned to spot the young cat at the bottom.

Armed with cages and rope, the team worked for hours to rescue Mowgli, eventually lifting him to safety. Miraculously, the cat was uninjured.

“Without Daisy doing that Mowgli could still be down there, that’s for sure. She was persistent in making me follow her, it was amazing. Daisy is a superstar. She’s an amazing dog,” Rose told the BBC.

Photos shared by the RSPCA and Cornwall Fire and Rescue show a proud Daisy, as well as the family’s other cat, Baloo, greeting Mowgli after he was rescued.

Mowgli and Baloo reunite after the former was retrieved from the mineshaft.
Mowgli and Baloo reunite after the former was retrieved from the mineshaft. Facebook / Dogsbodies Pet Shop

“If Daisy wasn’t the favourite child already, she definitely is now,” Hamish told The Independent.

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And who says dogs and cats can’t get along?

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