Lose 30 Pounds and Gain an Inch

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Josie Nelson helps men with pot bellies to sculpt their bodies into their desired shape and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Her observation is that the number of men with pot bellies, technically called abdominal obesity, has increased over the last 30 years. As a result, she started a nursing practice to help men and women lose weight and be healthier. In discussions with her clients, they are conscious of the way they look and they want to look different. She starts by helping them stabilize their gut biosphere naturally and eat foods that are healthy. Josie is a registered nurse specializing in health promotion. During her presentation, Josie will outline 5 “magical” ways that men (and women) can follow to lose weight, lose their pot belly, and feel better. One of the side benefits, of losing 30 pounds is that some men lose fat around their groin which has a positive effect on their sexual life. She can’t promise an “increase” but many men have noticed a difference. Join us for Josie’s valuable, educational, and inspiring presentation. Although the focus of the presentation is for men, women are more than welcome. Josie’s website is