5 ways to take at-home recycling to the next level this summer

Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM)

The warm weather is here, which means it’s the perfect time to heat up your own at-home recycling game. Ninety-five per cent of Manitobans have access to a residential recycling program, making it easier than ever to cut down on waste. Plus, there are easy ways to make the most of recycling programs.

Before you dispose of a product, consider whether it could have a second life elsewhere. “Always look at whether you can give it away to someone or to a second-hand store if it’s still in good working condition,” says Karen Melnychuk, executive director of Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM).

When shopping, bring your own containers and bags (including mesh produce bags) wherever you can, but when you do need a plastic bag, reuse one. That way, it’s no longer a single-use product, Melnychuk says.

She emphasizes that it’s important to know what goes in your blue bin and what doesn’t to reduce contamination. “The cleaner [the material] is, the higher value it actually has,” Melnychuk says. “When the proper materials are being recycled, they’re diverted from landfills.”
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Just because an item doesn’t belong in the blue bin doesn’t mean it’s not recyclable, Melnychuk adds. That’s where MMSM’s Recyclepedia, which is available online or as a free app on both the App Store and Google Play, can help. Put the item into Recyclepedia, and the tool can tell you the closest available drop-off location where you can bring materials to be recycled.

In partnership with MMSM, we rounded up five ways to take recycling to the next level this summer.


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