Rustic Winter Planter

Anastasia from GardenWorks demonstrates how to make a rustic winter planter.

GardenWorks: Pumpkin Planter

Looking for ways to transform your outdoor space for Halloween? The folks at GardenWorks share their ideas including a "Jack o'planter".


Peter from Gardenworks shares his tips and techniques for preparing your garden bed for spring

Gardenworks: Caring for tomato plants

They planted these vegetables several months ago and now gardening expert Peter Fitzmaurice and host Yvonne Schalle are beginning to see the fruits of their labour.

GardenWorks: Roses

Leanne from GardenWorks shares her expert advice on how to plant and care for roses.

GardenWorks: Window box

The folks at GardenWorks demonstrate how to create a stunning window box display for your home.

GardenWorks: Amaryllis

An easy project for the long weekend. Peter from GardenWorks demonstrates how to get your amaryllis ready for the holiday season.

GardenWorks: DIY Terrarium

Brighten your new dorm room with an easy to maintain plant. Michelle from GardenWorks creates a DIY Terrarium.

GardenWorks: Vertical Planter

If you are restricted for space in your home Alex from GardenWorks shares his idea for a vertical planter.

GardenWorks: Hellebores

They are among one of the first signs of Spring. Leanne from GardenWorks shares her idea for a decorative Hellebore planter.

Gardenworks – Privacy screens

The folks over at Gardenworks share their creative and practical ways to give your garden or patio more privacy.

GardenWorks: Learning Garden

Alex from GardenWorks shares his simple tricks and techniques that will help you get growing in your back yard.

GardenWorks: Herb Planter

Bring the sights and flavours of Spring to your Garden. Michelle from GardenWorks shares her idea for a stunning herb planter.

GardenWorks: Vegetable Growing

Vegetable growing made easy. Peter from GardenWorks demonstrates a nifty new device that will help grow a vegetable patch.