GardenWorks: Fall Seeds

It's a great time to get planting seeds. The folks at GardenWorks share their tips for growing your own vegetables

GardenWorks: Pollinator Plants

Scott from GardenWorks shares important information on why people should consider planting pollinators in their outdoor space.
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GardenWorks: Indoor Plants

Brighten up your indoor space with some greenery. The folks at GardenWorks share their tips and tricks.

GardenWorks: Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grass is the latest gardening trend. The folks at GardenWorks explain what it is, and how to use it in your outdoor space.

GardenWorks: Learning Garden

Alex from GardenWorks shares his simple tricks and techniques that will help you get growing in your back yard.
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GardenWorks: DIY Terrarium

Brighten your new dorm room with an easy to maintain plant. Michelle from GardenWorks creates a DIY Terrarium.

GardenWorks: Hellebores

They are among one of the first signs of Spring. Leanne from GardenWorks shares her idea for a decorative Hellebore planter.

GardenWorks: Moss hanging basket

Looking for a fun gardening project? Scott from GardenWorks shares a creative idea for a moss hanging basket - perfectly sized for all spaces.
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GardenWorks: Water Gardening

Kick-off the start of summer with a beautiful water garden feature. Peter from GardenWorks shares his expert advice.

GardenWorks: Vegetable Growing

Vegetable growing made easy. Peter from GardenWorks demonstrates a nifty new device that will help grow a vegetable patch.
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Gardenworks: Fall décor ideas

From your front porch to your front hall, Gardenworks expert Michelle Tornai has ideas on how to inject some autumnal charm into your home for fall.

GardenWorks: terrariums

The folks at GardenWorks demonstrate how to make your own terrarium display.
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GardenWorks: Amaryllis

An easy project for the long weekend. Peter from GardenWorks demonstrates how to get your amaryllis ready for the holiday season.