May 8, 2014 11:02 pm

VPD cold case: Cathy Berard

The family connected to another Vancouver police ‘cold case’ is hoping to get some closure.

Last week, the VPD launched a special website featuring its most stubborn cold cases in hopes of generating new leads.

One of these cases is 61-year-old Cathy Berard.

She was found on the grounds of David Thompson high school  in July, 1996, bleeding and unconscious.

Physically and sexually assaulted, she was beaten so badly she needed reconstructive surgery.

Cathy Berard


Cathy’s sons had visited her at home on the evening of July 4, 1996.

It’s believed she may have headed out in a purple blouse and green sweatpants to go to the liquor store at 47th and Victoria or at Kingsgate Mall.

Investigators also believe the assault might have begun on the sidewalk in the 6900 block of Argyle Street.

There are signs she was dragged to the southeast corner of the school before getting assaulted.

Berard was found alive but in a coma, and with no identification, it took six days before her family was located.

She came out of the coma, but never really recovered. She died two and a half years after she was attacked.

Today, nearly 18 years later, her daughter still believes the case can be solved.

“There is somebody out there who knows what happened,” says Claudette Berard. “Maybe after all this time, they would have a change of heart and remember that there are families out there that just want the truth.”

So far the new VPD website has had more than 17,000 hits and it’s generated more than 33 tips.

With files from John Daly

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