April 28, 2014 2:14 pm

BLOG: Morning News Rewind – April 28

His mother’s cancer diagnosis led Craig Campbell to come up with Choo-It, a high-octane oatmeal using natural foods and their healing properties.

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On the April 28 Morning News: Choo-It high octane oatmeal, sunglasses in Saskatoon Style, fool-proof rice in Food for Thought and Kevin reflects back on the Don Narcisse All Star Event.

You can protect your eyes while still looking fashionable Jessica found out in Saskatoon Style

‘Tis the season for new sunglasses… well, hopefully soon. With warmer temperatures “just around the corner”, it’s time to start digging out those summer shades.

Apparently, Saskatonian’s have been great with their eye health as The Sunglass Hut in Midtown Plaza was the number one grossing store in North America last week!

I learned this morning that sunglasses don’t have a lifespan when it comes to UV protection, which is great since I’m going on three years with my favourite pair of sunglasses!

Fool-proof rice? Chef Doug Hyndford shows Kevin how in Food for Thought

Rice is one of my favourite things to cook with. Doug Hyndford makes it look easy as pie, mind you, but for Jessica, it’s not exactly a cakewalk!

For me, it’s a wonderful staple!  It’s a perfect additive for a stew or soup in lieu of other pastas.

Without Jasmine rice, I’d be a sad panda.

Jessica learns the inspiration behind Choo-It high octane oatmeal

I stumbled across this tasty granola at the Modern Woman’s Show and knew I had to share it with others!! I tried all, but bought the ‘Bites’ for easy snacking at work.

Choo-It can be bought at a number of vendors across the city including Dad’s Organic Market, Sangsters and Co-op.

I have been nothing but impressed by this product, not only because it’s tasty, but because it’s easy to eat and get in all your nutrients… plus, it’s filling!!

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It was a big weekend for Kevin as he MC’d the Don Narcisse All Star Event

This weekend, I had the privilege of MCing the Don Narcisse All Star Event featuring Scott McHenry and Ben Heenan in support of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Saskatoon and Area.

Don’t you worry – I complimented them on picking such an outstanding name for the occasion.  I said it in one breath, too!

At this event, there were a slew of athletes: Ben Heenan, Scott McHenry and Don Narcisse have already gotten mention, but we also had Paul Woldu, Matt Dominguez, Levi Steinhauer and the keynote speaker, Kory Sheets. That’s not even all of them!

These Riders, past and present, were kept very busy by a buzzing crowd, half suits, half ‘sea of green,’ all fans. I was seated, reviewing my MC script, when a familiar face walks up to me.

She’s might be 12, looks hopeful and friendly, but she’s rather shy. The man flanking her asks if she can have a photo and my autograph. She’s introduced, again, by the man, as Jessica.

In a room full of amazing athletes, I’m humbled, and happily oblige. The father, as I found out, gests that this is the second year she’s been here, and the second year she’s gotten my autograph. He says that she watches the Morning News all the time. Again, I’m humbled.

They wander away, and that’s that.

At the end of the event, I move to leave and walk down a short hallway to get to an exit. There they are! I say, “G’bye, Jessica!  See you next year, probably!” and as I continue walking, I hear her turn to her father and swear that she says, “dad, he remembered my name!”

I don’t turn back, but I’m smiling.  Oh, was I ever smiling.

When kids are young and someone asks them what they want to do when they grow up, there’s always a fantastic, imaginative answer. When they reach that age where it’s starting to matter, sometimes, they don’t know.

I didn’t know for years, even as I started out as a bright-eyed news reporter back in 2008 – but, looking back on the Don Narcisse All Star Event featuring Scott McHenry and Ben Heenan in support of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Saskatoon and Area, I know that I made the right choice.

It’s wonderful to brighten days on a grand scale, but it’s the microcosmic element of our viewers, the Jessica’s, the others of every age who approach me in grocery stores, or at the mall… those are the ones who make me realize that, with 20/20 hindsight, I’m in the right profession.

Jessica and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News

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