April 23, 2014 3:57 pm

Councillors vote to defer, ending debate on recall legislation

TORONTO – The city’s executive committee has effectively killed any chance of recall legislation being enacted in the city of Toronto.

The city’s executive committee deferred indefinitely a motion by councillors Chin Lee and Mike Del Grande that would have asked the province to grant Toronto voters the power to recall their representative at city hall.

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The bill would have allowed voters to recall their councillor if a petition signed by 50 per cent of voters in the specific riding was collected in a 99-day period, requesting a new election. The motion also requested that the person or group who initiated the petition pay 75 per cent of the cost of the recall election.

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Mike Del Grande told Global News earlier in April that voters sometimes “cannot afford to wait for the balance of two or three or four years.”

“We’ve had problems with scandals and very poor representation from all levels of government: the city, provincial and federal, and I think this type of legislation needs its time of day in today’s environment,” he said at the time.

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