Who is Cody Alan Legebokoff?

He has been charged with four murders, but by all appearances 21-year-old Cody Alan Legebokoff was a “perfectly normal” young man.  

Conservation officer describes finding body: Legebokoff trial

A conservation officer has told a first-degree murder trial in Prince George, B.C., that he followed tire tracks and footprints during a nighttime poaching investigation in November 2010 but instead found the half-naked body of a 15-year-old girl.

Lawyer says B.C. serial killer Cody Legebokoff deserves new trial

A lawyer for a British Columbia man convicted of killing three women and a teenage girl says his client deserves a new trial because the judge made disparaging remarks about defence counsel that were only made public after a sentence was imposed.

No new trial for serial killer in B.C.

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has rejected a serial killer's application to have a new trial based on a belief that a judge implied his lawyers behaved unethically.