Okanagan Gallery – Top Viewer Photos

Beautiful Knox Mountain Trail View – Lise Guyot

Above the Cliffs in Enderby – Brandi Shane

Kalamalka and Arrowleaf Balsamroot Palette – Brenda Gooder

Munson Mountain – Naramata – Elaine Davidson

At the Salmon Arm Bird Sanctuary – Gerry Murray

Enderby Cliffs in the Spotlight – Barb Tomlinson

Chichester Wetlands Kelowna – Sandra Gault

Kalavista Lagoon Kalamalka Lake – Coldstream – Leila Ward

Penticton in Bloom – Wayne McDougall

Reflections at Bastion Mountain in Tappen – Larry Carlson

Overlooking Kelowna – Robert Roggensack

Spring Colours – Art Lutz

Earth Day Sunset – Sylvia Bourassa

Technicolour Sunset – Grant Stovel .jpeg

Easter Sunday Sugar Lake Reflections – Jackie Keats

Earth Day Blossoms – Joelle Wall

Knox Mountain Sunset View – Grant Stovel

Magnolia – John Sookochoff

Early morning in Vernon toward Swan Lake – Grace Wulff

Cherry Blossoms – Klaudia Deschenes

Gladstone Trail above Peachland – John Sookochoff

Amid Okanagan Sunflowers – Cecile Begin

After the Rain – Sandra Gault

Beautiful Okanagan Weekend – Mack Hair

Gellatly Nut Farm by the Lake – Gerry Deshayes

Gorgeous Easter weekend – Carla Leinweber

Happy Earth Day – Barb Donaldson

Kayaks in the Mist – Gerry Deshayes

Near O’Keefe Ranch Vernon – Laurel Neufeld

Okanagan Sunflowers in Bloom – Laurel Neufeld

View of Trout Creek from Naramata – Eva Hill