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  • News tips: 604-422-6494
  • Main switchboard: 604-420-2288
  • National programming inquiries: 1-877-307-1999
  • Newsroom fax: 604-422-6466
  • Viewer Response Line: 778-945-9399

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  • 7850 Enterprise Street
  • Burnaby, BC, Canada
  • V5A 1V7

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  • For news updates and stories, follow us @GlobalBC
  • For promotions, contests, community events and partnership campaigns, follow us @GlobalBC_Comm

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Weather Window Photo Submissions

We randomly select your weather related photos to be shown on TV during Global News Hour at 6.

Send your Weather Window photos on a horizontal format and at least 1920 pixels wide.


‘Where We Live’ segments on Global News Morning weekends

We randomly select photos that are submitted by our viewers.

Send descriptive information, details and pronunciation of your photo submission(s).

This segment is currently not posted online.
We recommend that you record this segment ahead of time.

‘Where We Live’ segments are on before weather during Global News Morning on Saturdays and Sundays.


Birthday & Anniversary Announcements

We are not required to announce the birthdays or anniversaries, but we will do our best to accommodate all requests. We only announce 70th Anniversaries and up and 100th Birthdays and over.

Please send us the name of the person or persons, their date of birth, where they live, how old they will be and leave a contact name and number and / or return email address.

Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries are announced during Global News at Noon.


Submit Your Community Events

Have an event you’re wanting to promote on Global BC?
Email here and/or fill out your detailed information on our web page.*

For Global BC sponsorship submissions, email here to submit your event for consideration.*

*Before you submit, your event must be open to the public; you must be from a charitable or non-profit organization; and/or proceeds go towards a charity/non-profit organization.

PLEASE NOTE: We are generally booking 3-4 months in advance and due to the sheer number of requests we receive, we simply cannot accommodate everyone.