Calgary Children’s Foundation

The Calgary Children’s Foundation

In 1974, CHQR radio created “Light up a Child’s Life” in support of the Cerebral Palsy Association.  An annual Radiothon “Pledge Day” was established to raise money.   As the city grew, it became apparent that needs among Calgary and area young people were varied and diverse so The Calgary Children’s Foundation was established.  Since 1992, the foundation has raised money for small children’s charities and unique programming in the Calgary Area.

Many recipients are not in a position to do large-scale fundraising or sophisticated communications.  Others reach a large number of children-in-need and/or kids who are falling through the cracks because they live at or just above the poverty line. Many of these children need just a small amount of support to see a big result.  Money raised is used to help provide breakfast or lunch to hungry kids, or bring children together with their peers to talk, play, laugh and enjoy being a kid –regardless of limitations or differences.

Support is also provided to kids with very special, often severe physical and/or mental challenges.  Some programs simply offer a safe place for kids to be after school, while their parents finish up work. Others offer something “larger than life” – such as a summer camp experience.  Occasionally, help is provided to children with very specific or “one-off” needs.  All of the children’s’ programs the foundation funds helps to support kids with either one or a combination of all of these challenges:  physical, mental, financial, and/or social.

Donations received on the first Friday of December are distributed to local charities in the spring. 90 per cent of the donations go directly to the front lines as 770 CHQR Radio, Associations Plus and the Westin Calgary absorb almost all of the overhead.


Pledge Day

The first Friday in December is Pledge Day.  From 5:30 am – 6:30 pm, 770 CHQR features charities that benefit from the donations, our advertisers, “Heroes of the Month” as well as local celebrities and sports personalities to be part of the broadcast.  We ask listeners to call-in, come by the 770 CHQR studios, or click here and make donations.