Alberta Cancer Foundation Cash & Cars Lottery

1,292 prizes valued at $3.4 million!

Alberta’s lottery for cancer offers the most prize and cash choice in the province, including their largest Grand Prize ever — a choice between three multi-million-dollar options!

Win Alberta’s Lottery for Cancer’s Largest Grand Prize Ever!

Cash, cars, homes and more could be yours! It’s time to win 1,292 prizes valued at $3.4 million, including the only Grand Prize in the province with a cash choice.  For the first time ever, you can take $2 million cash for the Grand Prize or pick between two Grand Prize Dream Home options: a $2.35 million Dream Home OR a $1.25 million Dream Home plus $1 million cash.

Support Albertans Facing Cancer


As the fundraising partner for cancer centres across Alberta, the Alberta Cancer Foundation supports world-class research, innovation, and patient care right here in your backyard. By purchasing your ticket, you’re helping ensure every Albertan facing cancer can focus on what matters most: healing.

Where to Buy Your Tickets

To learn about all the exciting prizes and how you can get 10% off the purchase of your tickets with their Bundle & Save Packages, visit  Or call 1-877-783-7403 to make your purchase over the phone.

Buy your tickets before the October 5th deadline closes.

 License Main 642606 | 50/50 Draw 642603 | Win Daily 642609