Saskatoon receives federal funding for transportation projects

Federal funding is going towards projects in Saskatoon aimed at encouraging more active transportation. Brice Perkins / Global News

Saskatoon’s Active Transportation Plan is receiving $200,000 from the government of Canada to help address infrastructure for walking, cycling and other modes of active transportation.

The money is being divvied up equally between four projects across the city:

  • Millar Avenue from 43rd Street to Marquis Drive: A planning project that includes assessment, engagement and design of a multi-use pathway.
  • College Drive from Preston Avenue to McOrmond Drive: A feasibility analysis to determine active transportation crossings at interchanges and rail crossings.
  • Victoria Avenue from Taylor Street to Ruth Street: A planning project that includes assessment, engagement, and design of pedestrian improvements and an all ages and abilities cycling facility.
  • Active Transportation Street Team: Provide an education program about the rules of the road and the existing bike network.
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“Residents of Saskatoon increasingly walk, bike, drive or use public transportation to get to their destinations. Our government is investing in these projects to ensure their commutes are safe and pleasant, and to encourage more people to take up active transportation. It is good for our health and for our environment,” said Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic LeBlanc.

“This funding focuses on planning and education projects, which supports the goals of the Active Transportation Plan to have more places for walking and cycling safely, to build a culture for active transportation, and to encourage more people to walk and ride a bike,” said Jay Magus, director of transportation.

According to the City of Saskatoon’s website, the transportation plan focuses on offering more and safer places to walk and cycle, and encouraging other forms of active transportation.

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