Watch: Nanaimo resident captures fight between two deer in his driveway

Deer fight in Nanaimo.
Deer fight in Nanaimo. Still from YouTube

Michael Scott couldn’t believe his eyes.

The Nanaimo resident was coming home after lunch this past Friday when he saw two male deer, two bucks, on his neighbour’s property.

“I just thought ‘well that’s weird'” he says.

He got out of his car and saw both of the bucks coming down towards the street, eyeing each other up the whole way.

“Both kind of let out a snort,” says Scott, “and then I saw a doe in the bush near them.”

He says the bigger of the two bucks then went to rattle his antlers in the bush and that is when they came face to face again and started fighting on his driveway.

“They were about eight feet away from me,” says Scott, but adds he wasn’t scared because they were so focused on each other. He says he realized after he may have been a bit too close at the time.

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The fight lasted for about three minutes and then what looks to be the younger buck runs away with the bigger one chasing him. “They ran down towards Departure Road and that was the end of it,” says Scott, who adds he thinks they were fighting over territory.

Scott shared the video on his Facebook page and so far it has been shared more than 97,000 times.

“I’ve never seen nothing like that before in real life,” he says.

“Since I posted the video on Friday I’ve had 85 friend requests from all over the world.”

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