Bath, Ont. residents searching for answers amid mysterious power outages

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Bath, Ont., residents searching for answers amid mysterious power outages
Some residents of Bath, Ont., have had seemingly random power outages for two months, with no answer as to why they're happening – Jan 7, 2023

A suburban community just outside of Kingston, Ont., is dealing with an unusual electrical problem, and they want answers.

A number of Bath, Ont., residents say that for the past few months, their power has gone out seemingly at random for a couple of hours nearly every week.

“It just seems like there’s no reason for it. It’s always on calm and sunny days, it stayed on during that storm at Christmas,” said Mary Willing, a Bath resident since 2015.

Willing said there’s no rhyme or reason to the outages — some houses are affected while others aren’t. The occurrences have caused issues for residents.

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“Like when I’m doing laundry, or when I’m trying to cook or with the cars going in and out of the garage. It’s just really frustrating,” said Jaymee Davis, who’s lived in Bath with her family since 2016.

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The issue has been a point of interest in a local community Facebook group, but nobody’s gotten any answers as to why these outages are happening or how long they’ll continue.

“People have called and they say someone’s going to get back to them but no one’s gotten back to them,” said Willing.

Global News reached out to Hydro One about the outages.

A statement from the company read, in part:

“Due to the recent outages in Bath, we are completing additional patrols in the area to identify equipment that may need to be replaced.”

“Is the power going to go off at dinnertime, is it going to go off in the morning, is it going to go off in the night? And when the power goes off in the night, it still wakes the house up,” added Davis.

Hydro One said that they are looking into the matter, providing perhaps a glimmer of hope for Bath residents that the mysterious outages will stop soon.

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