Bitcoin ATM installed at Vancouver coffee shop

Physical token designed to represent 25 Bitcoins.
Physical token designed to represent 25 Bitcoins. Yuliya Talmazan, Global News

The world’s first virtual currency is about to get its first real-life ATM at a Vancouver coffee shop.

A Vancouver company is getting set to power up the first Bitcoin ATM at the Waves Coffee Shop on Howe at Smithe.

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The machine will let users swap cash for Bitcoins or turn the cyber currency back into Canadian dollars.

So far, Bitcoins are only accepted at a small number of Vancouver businesses, but the list is growing.

Bitcoiniacs is the name of the company behind the ATM.

They list around a dozen Vancouver businesses on their website that accept the currency, including Waves.

The company plans to install four more ATMs across Canada later this year.


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