West Kelowna, B.C. resident wants surrendered budgies, dogs back

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West Kelowna resident wants surrendered animals back
A West Kelowna resident who surrendered over 100 budgies to the BC SPCA two months ago says he is being unfairly targeted by the organization. The owner has several other animals and recently surrendered more to the SPCA – Oct 25, 2022

The owner of over 100 budgies that were surrendered to the BC SPCA two months ago has surrendered three dogs.

Lee Counsell of West Kelowna, B.C., had around 150 budgies and six dogs in his home during the summer.

“I feel distraught and very upset suddenly,” said Counsell.

“Two months ago, all this happiness for me and my wife has been shattered. They took all of my budgies and 50 per cent of my dogs — I still have three.”

According to the SPCA, back in August the birds were surrendered following an animal protection investigation in West Kelowna.

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“The guardian was not able to care for such a large number of birds properly, resulting in numerous health and sanitation issues,” said BC SPCA spokesperson Eileen Drever in a press release in August.

“Our officers provided food, fans and other support while working with the individual to surrender the birds so that they could get the ongoing care they needed.”

Counell said he regularly brings his dogs to the vet, has them regularly groomed and that they’re properly fed and provided water.

“I looked over the budgies, I looked over 150 of them and I took care of them all. None of them were harmed,” said Counsell.

In a statement from Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital in West Kelowna, they confirmed that Counsell has brought in some animals to their location.

“As a vet they only have one small piece of the puzzle that the SPCA puts together. Of the small picture and of the animals they have seen, Counsell normally does what is recommended for his animals and says he follows the procedures and prescriptions,” said the Rose Valley in a statement.

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119 dogs surrendered to SPCA near Fort Nelson

Counsell said he had the large number of birds because he was a breeder and the six dogs because of his love of animals.

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After surrendering his budgies, Counsell said surrendering his dogs made him feel targeted.

“I can always get new budgies when things are better but oh I love those dogs,” said Counsell.

“You can always get new dogs, but I love those dogs. And the simple reason is that [the SPCA] promised I could keep them. I just want my dogs back, that’s all.”

Global News reached out to the BC SPCA for comment but they were unavailable for an interview.

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