Ontario municipal election 2022: Hamilton results

Hamilton’s municipal election featured 91 individuals who signed on in an attempt to become a voice in council including nine mayoral hopefuls looking to succeed Mayor Fred Eisenberger.

Eisenberger said in June he would not be seeking re-election in the Oct. 24 vote.

It means the longest-serving mayor, post amalgamation, will move on after three terms in office.

After Monday, nine wards saw new councillors take seats with Ward 4 incumbent Sam Merulla, Ward 11’s Brenda Johnson, Ward 12’s Lloyd Ferguson, Ward 14’s Terry Whitehead and Ward 15’s Judi Partridge among those who did not seek re-election.

Ward 5 also saw a new face following the departure of Chad Collins to federal politics and Russ Powers, who was appointed to sit for Collins, not running in 2022.

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Seven candidates were vying for Whitehead’s Ward 14 position.

Of those looking for a councillor’s seat, Wards 4 and 5 had the most candidates with 11 vying to represent constituents in each region.

Both wards 7 and 13 had the fewest candidates, just two, including incumbents Esther Pauls and Arlene VanderBeek, respectively.

The city clerk’s office says 143,375 ballots were cast on Oct. 24 representing 35.38 per cent of Hamilton’s population.

Attendance dropped in comparison with the 2018 election which saw 38.36 per cent vote but higher than 2016 in which 34.02 per cent turned up to cast a ballot.

Hamilton had 405,288 eligible voters in the city as of Monday.

Here is a list of some of the winners after the Oct. 24 election:

Mayor: Andrea Horwath

Ward 1 Councillor: Maureen Wilson (incumbent)

Ward 2 Councillor: Cameron Kroetsch

Ward 3 Councillor: Nrinder Nann (incumbent)

Ward 4 Councillor: Tammy Hwang

Ward 5 Councillor: Matt Francis

Ward 6 Councillor: Tom Jackson (incumbent)

Ward 7 Councillor: Esther Pauls (incumbent)

Ward 8 Councillor: John Paul Danko (incumbent)

Ward 9 Councillor: Brad Clark

Ward 10 Councillor: Jeff Beattie

Ward 11 Councillor: Mark Tadeson

Ward 12 Councillor: Craig Cassar

Ward 13 Councillor: Alex Wilson

Ward 14 Councillor: Mike Spadafora

Ward 15 Councillor: Ted McMeekin

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