Mayoral candidates highlight final key issues before election day

Edmonton mayoral candidates Kerry Diotte, Karen Leibovici and Don Iveson.
Edmonton mayoral candidates Kerry Diotte, Karen Leibovici and Don Iveson. Global News

Edmonton – Time is running out for candidates to convince Edmontonians they’re the best person for the job.

Global News asked the mayoral candidates to provide a breakdown of the issues they believe are most important for the city.

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Here is how they responded:

Kerry Diotte Platform Highlights:

  • Insist commercial and residential property tax hikes are no higher than the rate of inflation (currently about two percent).
  • Fix core services, including rebuilding our failed roads and drainage systems.
  • Manage civic debt by first prioritizing our ‘needs’ over our ‘wants’.
  • Ensure the downtown arena deal moves forward without potential cost overruns being borne by the taxpayer.
  • Stop deals being done behind closed doors.
  • Find efficiencies at City Hall so the corporation runs more like a good, healthy business, treating citizens like valued customers.
  • I will listen to you, and your voices WILL be heard on all concerns.

Kerry Diotte appeared on Global Edmonton’s Morning News on Wednesday to discuss his final campaign push.

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Watch the video below:

Karen Leibovici Platform Highlights:

  • Finishing transformational projects such as: downtown revitalization, redevelopment of the municipal airport and Rossdale power plant and LRT expansion.
  • Ensuring core services, such as snow removal and road repair must meet the expectations of taxpayers.
  • Introduction of a Finance Committee to ensure voters interest is protected in the budget process.
  • Red tape Elimination Commission to prove that Edmonton means business.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiative to ensure our public service represents the cultural fabric of Edmonton.
  • Introduction of the “Democracy Project” to engage residents.
  • Continued support for the arts.
  • Getting Edmontontians their fair share in the region through: funding from the Province, supporting Edmonton’s post-secondary initiations and creating smart growth and urban development.

Karen Leibovici appeared on Global Edmonton’s Morning News on Friday to discuss her final campaign push

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Don Iveson Platform Highlights:

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  • Team and relationship building with the new and returning councillors in order to clarify where each of the 13 perspectives align and differ and to confirm a continued positive trajectory for our City.
  • Roads and pipe repair through long term planning and investment in crucial roads and sewer infrastructure.
  • Value for money: work with council and city workers on the year-long effort to achieve ‘Council’s 2%,’ finding two percent efficiency in the tax-supported city budget every year.
  • Confirm a consensus on council to move forward with the Millwoods to Downtown LRT line, seek funding from Ottawa and the Province, while making the case for long-term commitment to completing our full LRT system.
  • Focus on the current Poverty Elimination Initiative to elevate it to a Mayor’s Task Force and put the full weight of the office behind it, to get out ahead of homelessness.
  • Downtown revitalization through a variety of important catalysts from sewer upgrades to the downtown arena project.
  • Ensure regional prosperity by prioritizing building consensus and meaningful collaboration on economic development, infrastructure and growth planning.

Don Iveson appeared on Global Edmonton’s Morning News on Friday to discuss his final campaign push.

Watch the video below: 

Joshua Semotiuk Platform Highlights:
No Response.

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Gordon Ward Platform Highlights:
No Response.

Kristine Acielo Highlights:
In our request for her top priorities, Kristine Acielo directed Global News to this YouTube video.

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