Twitch streamer and transgender activist doxxed in Northern Ireland after leaving Canada

Clara Sorrenti, known online as Keffals, was doxxed and swatted by online trolls leading to an arrest by London Police Service at gunpoint. Keffals / Youtube

After being doxxed in her hometown of London, Ont., Clara Sorrenti, a transgender woman and streamer, said she has been doxxed again in another swatting attempt in Northern Ireland.

“I feel like the only reason this happens to me is because people don’t want to see me be successful in the activism that I do,” she said.

After announcing last week that she would be moving to Europe to escape continuous harassment, Sorrenti, who goes by “Keffals” online, told Global News that on Tuesday evening, she was warned by a friend that someone was outside her home.

Images posted to online forums showed 28-year-old Sorrenti’s residence in Northern Ireland with a letter labelled with her incorrect name and gender, otherwise known as a “deadname” and is considered harmful.

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“It is scary,” she said. “I don’t have privacy or any normalcy because there is always a risk that someone is going to stalk or swat me.”

Click to play video: 'Red flags aplenty in London police’s swatting of Twitch streamer Clara Sorrenti, expert says'
Red flags aplenty in London police’s swatting of Twitch streamer Clara Sorrenti, expert says

Swatting involves reporting a false crime in the hopes of sending a large number of armed law enforcement to a person’s address. This is commonly used as an intimidation tactic.

Sorrenti said that police showed up at her door telling her that they had been notified that someone in the residence was going to shoot themselves in the head. She said it happened shortly after she finished streaming online.

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“Two days ago, someone had called in that someone in the flat had a firearm, but they dismissed it as a prank call,” she said.

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Global News contacted Northern Ireland police who said they “do not comment on named individuals and no inference should be drawn from this.”

Sorrenti noted that she was shaken up about the most recent incident considering she had left Canada to travel to the U.K. until she could secure a safe home.

Earlier this month, Sorrenti was at the centre of a previous swatting attack after being doxxed by harassers who sent false death threats with her name and address to London city councillors, leading to her being arrested at gunpoint.

Click to play video: 'Clara Sorrenti details being swatted, arrested at gunpoint'
Clara Sorrenti details being swatted, arrested at gunpoint

Last week, Sorrenti told Global News that she believes the majority of the harassment she and her family have received stems from her speaking against an online forum known as Kiwi Farms, which describes itself as a “community dedicated to discussing eccentric people who voluntarily make fools of themselves.”

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But despite ongoing harassment, Sorrenti said that she refuses to be scared and intimidated.

“I feel like I should be scared, but I’m not,” she said. “I don’t think they had any intent on hurting me. I think what their intention was to intimidate me, and I don’t plan on letting that happen.”

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