Treaty Six monument unveiled in Edmonton

A monument marking the signing of Treaty Six was unveiled in Edmonton Aug. 21, 2022. Global News

A new monument now stands on the Alberta Legislature grounds, marking a historic event from decades past.

The sculpture, which is a collaboration between the Confederacy of Treaty Six Nations, the province and the City of Edmonton, was unveiled Sunday morning to commemorate the signing of Treaty Six.

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Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Chief Tony Alexis says it’s an important reminder that the treaty continues to be recognized in Alberta.

The piece of land that the monument stands on also holds special meaning.

“The location is where the old Fort Edmonton was and this was where the treaty was signed 145 years ago,” said Alexis. “Our people came up here, signed the treaty and went back. It was important at that time.”

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The design includes a tribute to a medallion gifted from the British Crown at the time of the signing of the treaty.

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“The medallion that you see here, it’s a replica of the medallion,” said Alexis. “You see two people, a settler and an Indigenous leader shaking hands, they’re agreeing that we will work in partnership. You’ll also see that there’s a hatchet in the ground… this is where we’ll start building our communities together.”

Those involved hope the monument encourages Albertans to continue to learn about the treaty and improve education surrounding First Nations.

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