Family of Hamilton teen fatally stabbed in 2020 names police in claim for damages

Hamilton police on scene at 310 Limeridge Road on July 19, 2020. A claim has been filed by family members against Hamilton police suggesting officers were 'negligent' in a search for a teen stabbed at a Mountain plaza. Don Mitchell / Global News

The family of a teenager stabbed to death during a rumble on Hamilton Mountain in 2020 has filed a statement of claim seeking $2.5 million alleging police and others failed to properly search for the victim.

The pending suit alleges the Hamilton Police Service (HPS) didn’t do enough to search for 19-year-old Ali Mohummad on the night he was stabbed and that the failure may have deprived him of necessary, life-saving medical treatment.

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Specifically, it accuses officers of not acting on information from witnesses telling them Mohummad was missing.

None of the claims have been proven in court.

During a 2022 trial of a pair of youths convicted of manslaughter, the court heard that 19-year-old Mohummad was stabbed during a confrontation between two groups at a Limeridge Road Plaza on July 19, 2020.

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The deceased, Hamilton’s ninth homicide of 2020, was discovered by a police canine unit near an apartment building five hours after the altercation, which investigators say involved 20 to 30 people from Hamilton and a number of men from Peel Region.

Forensic pathologists ruled Mohummad bled to death from the wounds in his lung.

Mohummad was one of four hurt in the incident, which included two brothers who were hit by a car.

In a statement issued amid the teens’ trial, Mohummad’s brother Hamza Choudry said he made officers “aware” his brother was missing and suggested they “dismissed” his concern, telling him measures were in place to find him.

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“Given the matter is before the courts, Hamilton police will not be commenting,” HPS spokesperson Jackie Penman told Global News when e-mailed for a response to the allegations.

A number of officers, the Hamilton Police Services Board, unknown attackers and their guardians, the owner of 310 Limeridge and a vehicle insurance company have also been named and served in the claim.

Lawyer Muhammad Alam is representing the Mohummad family in the civil case.

They are seeking compensation for the “loss of guidance, care and companionship,” medical and funeral expenses and lost earnings.

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