Tuition fees go up at the University of Saskatchewan for the first time in 2 years

The policy is to apply when somebody seeks a position or scholarship that is being held for an Indigenous person. Kayla Guerrette/Global News

Students at the University of Saskatchewan are going to be paying higher tuition come September. Tuition is going up four per cent for the fall 2022 term.

“It’s hard when you are a student, you know, you have to find a part-time job and then go to school. It’s hard,” said a student who recently relocated from Quebec.

Another student was just as frustrated when approached to ask what he thought about the tuition fees going up.

“Put yourself in a student’s shoe, no excuse would make it logical,” said the student.

It’s even more stressful for international students. One international student said he didn’t understand why tuition was rising at all now that they were attending in person.

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He said originally the university had stated an increase in tuition during the pandemic was to give students learning from home a better learning experience.

“International students pay three times much higher than the domestic student and now they increase it to four times,” said the international student. “Not all international students are rich, and during the pandemic their parents have to work a lot to pay their tuitions.”

Yet Peter Stoicheff, president of the University of Saskatchewan, said the increases are necessary.

“We put a pause on tuition hikes a couple years ago when the pandemic first began for exactly that kind of reason,” Stoicheff said. “And we can’t sustain that kind of zero tuition increase longer than that.”

Students may be frustrated with the recent news of tuition fees going up but Abhineet Goswami, vice-president of the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union, is hoping the increases mean more resources for students.

“The key point is the communication part between the students and the university,” Goswami said. “I think we are working on that part so that’s really out and students can really see that their tuition money is being spent in the right way.”

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Tuition fees are set to increase by four per cent every year over the next four years until the increase cap is reached at 16 per cent.

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