City of Regina to release energy and sustainability framework this week

Moises Canales-Lavigne / Global News

The City of Regina will release its proposed Energy & Sustainability framework on Monday. It outlines a community action plan for Regina to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The framework will be presented to city council on March 24 at a Special Executive Committee meeting.

Council voted unanimously for Regina to become a 100 per cent renewable city by 2050.

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According to the city’s website, the focus is on reducing energy consumption, improving energy usage and efficiency, and making the switch to renewable or low carbon energy sources.

The Energy and Sustainability Framework is expected to outline the guiding principles, community and municipal-wide action plans, timelines and targets to meet the city’s goal.

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Sustainability Solutions Group has been contracted by the city to help create the framework.

Ward 1 Coun. Cheryl Stadnichuk said she is looking forward to seeing the document, which she thinks will be “fairly comprehensive.”

“But there will still be a lot of work that we’ll have to do,” she added.

While she didn’t know the specific details within the framework, Stadnichuk offered some ideas about how the city can be more green.

“I do think that we do need to make sure that we have real robust and vibrant transit system and to continue to promote active forms of transportation, like cycling,” she said.

Stadinichuk also suggested the city could come up with an incentive program for residents to take action in their own homes, pointing to a City of Saskatoon plan that allows residents to go on a payment plan if they convert to solar energy.

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Stadnichuk added it would be helpful for the provincial and federal governments to step in and support incentives.

“But whatever we can do as a city would be really great to kind of encourage people to either improve their energy use by retrofitting their home or taking some kind of measures of renewable energy as well.”

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