WATCH: Moving off the streets

WINNIPEG – It’s tough to track the number of homeless living in Winnipeg, but some agencies say the problem is getting worse.

Siloam Mission, which runs a shelter for homeless people, estimates approximately 2,500 Winnipeggers are homeless.

“It is most likely to happen to the most vulnerable people in our society,” said Christina Maes Nino of the Winnipeg Social Planning Council. “It’s most likely to happen to people who are leaving the justice system, people who have been in care as a child or youth and people who have a mental illness. Those that need support most, that have the most challenges in their lives, they’re the most likely to experience homelessness.”

Global News reporter Megan Batchelor, who joined the CEO Sleepout in downtown Winnipeg to raise money to help the homeless on Thursday night, takes a closer look at the issue in this feature.


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