Cool new toys that were hot this Christmas in the Okanagan

Some of the more popular items purchased by customers at the Vernon Teach & Learn Ltd. Courtesy: Lynella Hanke

There’s nothing like being a child waking up on Christmas morning knowing there are new toys waiting for you underneath the tree.

Vernon’s Teach and Learn Ltd. was bustling with customers looking for the perfect gift for the little ones and Lynella Hanke noticed there were a few favourites for her shoppers.

Hanke said the top pick for kids gifts at her store this year was Pea Pod Babies, a collectible mystery toy that is a mini baby along with clothing accessories.

Crayola Project Metallic Outline Markers, Diamond Dots, colour-changing flavoured hot chocolate, hot chocolate bombs, make your own hot chocolate bombs and Uno Flip were also hot items for gifts.

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Hanke stocked a special item just in time for the cold snap, Crazy Ice Bubbles.

“It exceeded our expectations by far,” said Hanke.

“You blow them outside and as long as it’s -7 degrees they freeze in the air and we definitely have the weather for that this week.”

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At Kelowna’s TJ’s The Kiddies Store assistant manager, Violet Navrot noticed a shift in customers’ buying patterns.

“We’ve been super busy,” said Navrot.

“Instead of buying a bunch of dolls … people are buying plates and cups for their littles and Re-Play, our recycled cutlery, bowls and plates. People are buying really practical stuff and throwing in a toy as well.”

Navrot said that customers also purchased strollers, car seats and carriers as gifts for their loved ones.

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