Queen’s researchers look into triggers of chronic pain

A Queen's University research team is looking into the triggers of chronic pain. Queen's University.

A Queen’s University research team has launched a national project to discover why chronic pain fluctuates throughout the day.

Scientists are interested in exploring how time of day, sleep habits, where you live and what you do for a living affect how people experience chronic pain.

The local project is hoping to recruit people who live with chronic pain from across the country to discover why or why not their pain has a daily rhythm.

Researchers say the project will help in developing personalized medicine.

“And so if we can learn how we might be able to help people on an individual level to better understand what their cycles are and how they can use their cycles to help reduce their pain, then I think we’ve done something good,” said Dr. Nader Ghasemlou, director of the pain chronobiology and neuroimmunology laboratory.

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You can learn more about the recruiting process at

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