Feelin’ lucky? Bombers, Ticats players share superstitions, rituals before big game

We’re all very familiar with that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger-Cats can do on the field. But what goes into their preparation leading up to game-time? For some players, they don’t feel comfortable until they take part in their superstitious routines.

Here is what the players/coaches had to say during Grey Cup media day Thursday.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers receiver Nic Demski

“I always put my left shoe on before my right one and even socks as well. So I mean, that’s kind of a ritual for for everything, even getting dressed in the morning.”

Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back Andrew Harris

“Before every game, after O Canada, I’m on the 33-yard line and I pray to one of my best friends, who passed away in 2008. I wear him on my shoulder. And he gets me fired up when I when I pray to him.”

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Hamilton Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Reinebold

“I leave a space on my play sheet for three pictures. And they’re people that are significant to me. And if we win, I keep those same pictures till the next week. It’s like Vegas. If I get a bad hand, I’m just going to shuffle the deck and get asked for a new hand.”

Click to play video: 'Bombers, Ticats players share superstitions, rituals before big game' Bombers, Ticats players share superstitions, rituals before big game
Bombers, Ticats players share superstitions, rituals before big game – Dec 10, 2021

Hamilton wide receiver Brandon Banks

“So I have to have a Snickers before every game and I have to tie my right shoe before my left shoe. But I’m left-handed, so it feels weird when I do it. But I did it one time (in middle school) and I had a crazy game and I’ve been doing it ever since. So I put my right sock on with my right arm, then my left sock on in my shoe.”

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Winnipeg Blue Bombers linebacker Adam Bighill

“I’ll take a quick nap, 15-20 minutes. And try to follow through with visualizing the game and playing the game in my head as I really shut down for a little bit and give my body that kind of rest. And really, for me, playing the game, mentally trying to make plays before they ever happen in my mind.”

Winnipeg Blue Bombers offensive lineman Jermarcus Hardrick

“I need my 30 minutes to an hour to myself in my locker room, my towel over my head, and I call it ‘losing it’. I sit with my towel for 30 minutes. I get it out. So when I get in the game, I can be calm and I can just play my game. But I need my time before the game to be emotional and to let my fears out, let my motivations out and remember why I’m here.”

Hamilton linebacker Simoni Lawrence

“So I have to drink at least two Pedialytes and four bottles of smart water the day before the game, or else I feel like I’m not hydrated, no matter what.”

Hamilton defensive back Cariel Brooks

“I have to take an epsom salts bath and I have chicken alfredo pasta the night before and then the day of, I normally eat at a spot on Barton Street called Sunset Grill, and I get the same breakfast. I’ve been doing it since week one.”

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