Okanagan weather: Damp end to November, warm start to December

The chance of showers arrives in the Okanagan to start the final day of November on Tuesday. SkyTracker Weather

It’s going to be a mild end of November.

Clouds will clear out once again Monday afternoon and temperatures will rise back into high single digits before heading toward 3 C Monday night.

Rain will ramp back up on Tuesday as the mercury rises up to 8 C for the final day of November.

There is a slight chance of showers to start December Wednesday morning. SkyTracker Weather

A slight chance of showers sticks around under mostly cloudy skies to start December Wednesday, as daytime highs climb to around 14 C with a gusty southerly wind mixing down the mild air.

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A cool-down then ensues through the rest of the week with afternoon highs only getting into mid-single digits under partly-to-mostly cloudy skies.

The first weekend of December will see a return to the potential for precipitation with highs settling into low single digits.

Here is your Okanagan 5-Day SkyTracker Weather Forecast. SkyTracker Weather

While the Lower Mainland is getting battered by heavy rain, the Okanagan is in a different position because much of the precipitation is dumped on that side of the mountains and due to a southwesterly flow pattern, we get a subsident flow of sinking air as it moves downward on the lee of the coastal mountain range.

Whenever air is sinking, it tends to dry out, which is exactly what’s taking place here.  When the air is rising over the mountains it causes the moisture to get squeezed out and the opposite happens on the other side of the mountains.

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