NDP’s Mulcair denounces Quebec charter

Video: Thomas Mulcair categorically rejects Quebec’s Charter of Values

SASKATOON – NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has denounced Quebec’s proposed charter of values as completely unacceptable.

At the NDP’s caucus retreat in Saskatoon, Mulcair said that the proposed text released today in Montreal confirms the party’s worst fears.

Mulcair said he rejects the Quebec government’s approach categorically, saying human rights don’t have a best-before date and they’re not a popularity contest.

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He said it’s unacceptable to think that a woman worker wearing a head scarf in a daycare centre will lose her job.

Video: Quebec government lays out Charter of Values

Mulcair had faced criticism for not immediately coming out against the charter when details first began leaking out weeks ago.

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He was criticized for pandering to popular sentiment in Quebec, where the charter idea is popular and which accounts for 57 of the NDP’s 100 MPs, including Mulcair.