Saddledome just about ready for action, following flood damage

CALGARY- The finishing touches are being done inside the bustling Scotiabank Saddledome, as the building prepares to host its first event since the June flood.

The arena suffered extensive damage, when flood waters went as high as row eight, submerging the dressing rooms and damaging hockey equipment.

The Calgary Flames still aren’t saying how much the repairs cost—only that it was a ‘big bill’ and insurance covered part of it.

Video: Flames CEO Ken King updates status of Saddledome renovations

While there is still some work to do, the Flames’ CEO says they’re almost ready for action.

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“[There are] lots of people doing lots of work. The concrete has been chilled for the last couple of days and is working,” says Ken King. “You will see new seats, new glass that still got wrappers on it, that type of  thing. Every piece of equipment below deck is brand new, every piece of cutlery, every piece of kitchen.”

The Eagles are scheduled to play at the ‘dome next Wednesday and Thursday, while the first pre-season hockey game is scheduled for next Saturday.

Video: A sneak peek at the new renovations inside the Saddledome.

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