Winnipeg should be recycling more construction waste: MCHA

197 condos under construction at "The Glasshouse" on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg. Global News

The Manitoba Heavy Construction Association is calling on the City of Winnipeg to adopt a more robust recycling program for construction waste such as asphalt, pavement and crushed concrete.

MCHA President Chris Lorenc told Global News he submitted a formal recommendation to the city’s Property and Development, Heritage and Downtown Development Committee, which discussed the matter this week.

“It makes a heck of a lot more sense from many perspectives,” said Lorenc, “including extending the life of quarries. It minimizes (greenhouse gas) emissions, it minimizes the cost of transportation. It’s just all around green-responsible.”

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Lorenc says the recycling of heavy civil construction waste is minimal in Manitoba. Across Canada, only an estimated 16 per cent of construction waste is reclaimed.

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“There is only a finite amount of natural limestone and other hard materials,” said Lorenc, “we think it makes sense to reuse what we create through crushing and repurposing.”

The standing policy committee on Property and Development, Heritage and Downtown Development has asked for a report on the matter to be completed within 180 days.

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