Search underway, to reunite couple with lost photos

A photo recovered from a SD card that was found in Innisfail.

UPDATE: The Calgary Police Service ran the license plate, and got in contact with the couple who lost the SD card. They say they are ‘overjoyed’ to learn the card has been located.

CALGARY- Losing a camera documenting cherished memories is devastating for many people, which is why a couple of Albertans are trying to reunite some tourists with theirs.

Danny and Joanne Stamp say they were at the Discovery Wildlife Park in Innisfail on Saturday August 10, when they came across a SD card in the grass.

They searched through the photos, and managed to find one of the couple’s car, which is a silver/grey Toyota Corolla. It’s also believed the card belongs to a Filipino couple.

There are about 1,000 photos on the card, which include pictures of a trip to Toronto.

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