Weekly survey: How much are you willing to pay for that vinyl record you MUST own?

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Last week, an obscure 2008 record by a British DJ named Scaramanga Silk sold for $52,000, making it one of the most expensive vinyl sales of all time. No one can figure out why someone would pay this much for this record, but that’s the nature of record collecting. You get obsessed with something and you’ll do anything to have it.This is obviously an extreme example, but just for fun, let’s investigate this. How much would you spend on that holy grail record on your wish list.Up to a hundred bucks? Five hundred? A thousand? More? Personally, I’ve got as high as $300 for a rare Beatles record, but there are one or two others I’d think about ponying up a grand. But that’s my limit. I think.What about you?   

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