5 songs you must hear this week: 08 February 2021

Over the last week, most of the attention went to the Foo Fighters’ new album as well as The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance. Let’s not allow these new releases to get lost in the noise.

1. Tiarra Girls, Can’t Stop the World
Single (Lucky Hound)
Recommended If You Like: Sisters doing it for themselves.

Introducing Tiffany, Tori, and Sophia Baltierra, three sisters from Austin, Texas, who have found a friend, fan, and mentor in Kathy Valentine of the Go-Go’s. This, in fact, is a Go-Go’s cover but with Kathy’s updated lyrics. (which explains the homage with the album cover artwork.) Looking for a song with a message of empowerment? Here you go.

2. Mod Sun, Flames (feat. Avril Lavigne)
Internet Killed the Rock Star (Big Noise)
RIYL: Interesting collaborations

Derek Ryan Smith—aka Mod Sun, which stands for “Movement on Dreams, Stand Under None”)—is a musician/rapper/author/painter/poet from Minnesota who’s been making music since at least 2004. In the past, he’s worked with John Feldman (Goldfinger), Travis Barker (blink-182), and Machine Gun Kelly. Flames is the third single from his fourth album. A million Spotify plays in three days? Impressive.

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3. Weathers, C’est La Vie
Single (Bitter Kid/ADA)
RIYL: Uncertainty about the future

Weathers is a four-piece from LA that’s been around for about years now. Is it just me, or can you hear some similarities to the Backstreet Boys in the melodies? I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one. Fun fact: How many bands are there with two members named “Cameron?”

4. Moist, Tarantino (Bullet Kill Sex Love Thrill)
Single (Cadence)
RIYL: Canrock of the 90s

It’s been a while since the last Moist single, hasn’t it? Almost seven years, in fact. But the guys in Moist have been very busy with other projects (singer David Usher is now deeply involved in the tech world). Why call a song Tarantino? Because David spent a lot of time watching Tarantino films while in lockdown in Montreal. Remember to catch moist along with the Headstones, Sloan, and The Tea Party with the Saints and Sinners tour later this year. (Fingers crossed.)

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5. Yester Daze, Backseat Bingo
Yours to Follow EP (Independent)
RIYL: Big rock beats

Looking for a big rock sound? Time to check out these three guys from Montreal whose debut EP will arrive on February 26. This track will bring back memories of Wolfmother, Foos, Royal Blood, Billy Talent, and a few others. Keep an eye on these guys.



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