Lethbridge woman starts city-wide ‘pirate treasure hunt’ to kick off New Year

Nicolette Dawn of Lethbridge has planted a 'buried pirate treasure' somewhere in the city. Eloise Therien / Global News

Finding buried treasure is usually something only discussed in books or movies. Now, it can be reality for Lethbridge residents in search of an adventure — if they’re willing to bring a shovel.

Nicolette Dawn has been planning the event for months, finally deciding to do so to kick off 2021.

“I just wanted to create some joy for the general public because this is an event for everybody,” Dawn explained.

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Every Friday, Dawn will be giving out one clue on Facebook to bring treasure-seekers closer to her “legit buried treasure,” which is located somewhere in Lethbridge.

The first clue was posted in a video uploaded to the page on Jan. 1.

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“My hints are done in riddle form so you have to be able to solve the riddles to find the treasure,” she added.

“As time goes on, I’m going to be leading everyone closer and closer to the treasure without giving away its exact location.”

As for what “The Lost Treasure of Captain Nicolette Dawn” is, that’s a surprise reserved for the lucky individual who successfully cracks the code.

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Dawn encourages individuals and families to seek out the treasure as a COVID-friendly activity, while respecting nature as they do.

As per City of Lethbridge excavation guidelines, a permit is required to dig to a depth of 30 centimetres or more in certain areas.

“Depending on how hard people are looking and whether or not it snows… it’s hidden really well so I expect this to maybe be going on for a few months.”

She says if this year goes well, she’s considering expanding to do an Alberta-wide treasure hunt next year.

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