Online petition to save Longueuil deer from planned cull gains steam

Longueuil officials are planning to cull about 15 deer due to overpopulation. Ron Erwin / Getty Images

An online petition opposing the City of Longueuil’s decision to capture and cull half of the white-tailed deer living in Michel-Chartrand Park has collected more than 28,000 signatures as of Friday morning.

The number far surpasses the 250 signatures on the website that petition organizer Geneviève Soza-Florent expected.

According to Soza-Florent, a plan to relocate the deer has not adequately studied. She said killing them is not the solution.

The city announced a few days ago its decision to euthanize white-tailed deer due to overcrowding in Michel-Chartrand Park.

Longueuil Mayor Sylvie Parent promised that the meat of these animals would be distributed to food banks.

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Municipal authorities argue that the current deer population threatens the ecological future of the park. There is also an increased risk of traffic accidents near the park and Lyme disease transmissions. Damage to properties was also noted.

After the municipal authorities announced their decision, Parent received death threats. This triggered a criminal investigation by the Longueuil police department.

Petition organizer Soza-Florent denounced the threats, saying they are neither productive nor respectful. She says that they discredit the movement.

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