Independent MNA to launch Quebec sovereignty movement


Quebec politician Catherine Fournier will officially launch her push for Quebec sovereignty next week.

The member of the National Assembly and founding member of Ambition Quebec (PAQ) plans to publish the group’s manifesto, which will include personal stories and poems that reflect on an independent Quebec.

The hundred-page book, scheduled for publication on Nov. 17, also sets out the objectives of the PAQ, which includes attracting young people to the independence project.

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“We know that this is an approach that will take time. We can see it on the horizon for several years,” Fournier said in an interview.

Fournier said her PAQ movement can promote independence more effectively than a party since it can attract people of all ideologies.

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“We are not grappling with the discussions that may be experienced by political parties, the confrontations. We are not looking for small political points to win the elections,” Fournier said.

The youngest woman ever to be elected to Quebec’s National Assembly, Fournier left the Parti Québécois (PQ) to sit as an “Independent sovereigntist” in March 2019.

“I really believe that if we want to undertake a regeneration of forces within the sovereignist movement, a non-partisan approach is the best way to go,” Fournier said.

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