Kosher and halal food out at La Ronde

Karol Dahl/Global Montreal

A week after allowing visitors to bring kosher and halal food on-site, La Ronde has announced it was prohibiting it.

Montreal’s marquee attraction park had already announced that it would start forbidding people from bringing their own food this summer.

It did, however, seem be making an exception for kosher and halal food. The reason for the exception, had said a park employee, was that there were no on-site restaurants serving it – something contradicted by La Ronde’s own website, which states that halal food is available at the park’s Amir Restaurant.

The park issued a statement seeking to clarify its policy.

“After hearing feedback from our guests, La Ronde would like to clarify that only guests with special medical dietary needs will be considered to bring outside food with them as they enter the Park,” Communications Manager Catherine Tremblay said in the statement.


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