Manitoba gardeners should harvest before possible frost on Tuesday: Expert

It’s time for Manitoba gardeners to start harvesting their plants.

Environment Canada says that widespread frost is possible in a number of localities in southwestern Manitoba on Tuesday morning.

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Getty Stewart with the Home Economist tells Global News that while it may be possible to get some more growth by covering plants overnight, that won’t do much for certain vegetables.

“Tomatoes will really slow down their growth one nighttime temperatures get colder than 10 degrees,” Stewart said. “Your cucumbers are going to slow right down so it really is time to think about bringing things in.”

Stewart says other plants to bring in as we move toward fall include herbs such as basil, as well as melons and summer squash.

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She adds that it’s OK to pick those tomatoes while they’re still green. “They will ripen nicely inside, you won’t even notice a difference.”