Ragu, pasta sauce brand, says it is no longer selling in Canada

Several Ragu sauces can be seen.
Several Ragu sauces can be seen. Gabby Rodrigues/Global News

There is one less pasta sauce on the market in Canada and consumers are not happy about it.

Popular pasta brand sauce Ragu said it is no longer selling products in the country.

“We regret to inform you that Ragu has made the hard decision to exit the Canadian pasta-sauce market. We hope that you have enjoyed the delicious taste of Ragu and are very sorry for any inconvenience,” the company’s Twitter account wrote when a customer asked “what happened to you in Canada?” as they couldn’t find their sauce in the grocery store.

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Other users responded with their disappointment.

“This is devastating as Ragu original is the only smooth pasta sauce on the market …,” wrote @lluvysk.

“Nooooo…… I like it too and have been buying it for decades,” @ColleenMariona wrote.

The brand’s owner, Mizkan America, did not return requests for comment about why or when Ragu was removed from the Canadian market.

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But the company is warning American customers on its website that finding its sauces may be a challenge and it’s working to keep up with demand.

It is unclear whether the COVID-19 pandemic had anything to do with the decision to pull out of the Canadian market.


The company began in the 1930s in Rochester, N.Y. and opened its first factory in 1946.

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