Taber hail storm wreaks havoc

A massive hail storm Friday evening left behind piles of melting snow and ice.

“There’s still hail sitting around now and it’s like what, noon?” said Gaylene Whitley, surveying her lawn. “It’s still sitting around. It came down in buckets.”

For Taber residents, waking up to snow on the lawn is normal in the spring.

But waking to snowdrifts in July has the town speechless.

Friday evening, large thunderstorms rolled into Taber, with hail covering streets, lawns and sidewalks.

Ice pellets blocked storm sewers, flooding residential streets and sending some vehicles floating in the water.

“In some spots in town I bet you there was two feet of water on the road. It was a lot of water and hail,” said Taber resident Cody Cook.

Taber RCMP say there were no reports of anyone injured, or any major damage to property during the storm.

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Residents are left with lawns full of mud and leaves, and of course, piles of snow.

But five blocks away from these homes, there’s no evidence of a storm at all.

Residents in the North end of Taber seem to have been hit the hardest. One home owner said his roof is newly re-shingled, but that didn’t stop the water from coming in.

“There’s water pouring in my parent’s house. Through the roof, through the walls, through the light fixtures,” said Cook.

Residents say in some areas, water came up to car bumpers.

Vehicles stalled trying to break through the hail filled streets, which are now filled with people from the South end of town catching a glimpse of the destruction five minutes away.

All streets in Taber are now clear of water, as well as tree branches broken in the storm.

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