Security already high at the B.C. Legislature before Canada Day terrorism plot

Watch: Premier Christy Clark addresses foiled terror plot

At the peak there were about 40,000 people in Victoria’s inner harbour and on the front lawn of the Legislature on Canada Day, where two people had placed explosive devices outside on the property.

The explosive devices involved were under RCMP control, inert and never presented a threat to public safety, but news of what might have happened has left Victoria buzzing today.

“If any bomb had actually gone off from the grounds you can just imagine the carnage,” said Global BC’s legislative bureau chief Keith Baldrey, who is based in the Legislative in Victoria. “There would have been many many people affected, either killed or maimed by those pressure cooker bombs.”

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Social media reaction to the Canada Day terrorist plot

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Baldrey said the atmosphere at the leg was ‘electric’ Tuesday morning as people got word a plot had been foiled.

Security at the Legislature is high and was beefed up following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“The best security systems of course are the ones you don’t actually see,” said Baldrey.

The building and grounds have a lot of CCTV cameras, and guards around the property and at the front door. But Baldrey said he did not notice a heightened sense of security on Tuesday when the announcement was made.

Only half the building is open to the public anyway, the other half is not accessible.

Baldrey said he does not expect more security as a result of this announcement, as this is a very secure area already. However, there may be heightened security for public events held at the Legislature, the next one is taking place August 4.

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