City of Toronto Issues Heat Alert

Above: Toronto residents talk to Global News about how much they’re enjoying – or not – some extremely hot weather Sunday.

TORONTO – The hot and sticky weather that has been forecasted for Toronto has prompted the city’s medical officer of health to issue a Heat Alert.

During a Heat Alert, people are advised to call or visit family, friends and neighbours, especially isolated adults and seniors who are at greater risk of suffering from heat-related illness, to make sure they are okay.

People with chronic and pre-existing illnesses, infants and young children, people on certain medications and those who are marginally housed or homeless are also at risk of suffering from heat-related illness.

People are advised to “Beat the Heat” by taking the following precautions:

– Drink lots of cool water even before you feel thirsty.

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– Go to an air conditioned place such as a shopping mall, library or community centre.

– Wear loose light coloured breathable clothing and when outdoors wear a wide-brimmed hat.

– Avoid the sun and stay in the shade or use an umbrella.

– Reschedule or plan outdoor activities during the cooler parts of the day.

– Take cool showers or baths or use cool wet towels to cool down.

– Keep blinds or drapes closed to block out the sun during the day.

– Make meals that don’t use an oven, especially if you don’t have air conditioning.

– Use a fan next to your window, to bring cooler air in from outside.

– Never leave a person or pet inside a parked car or in the direct sunlight.

– Consult with your doctor or pharmacist on medications that increase your risk to heat.

– Call or visit at-risk family, friends or neighbours, especially seniors living alone to make sure they are drinking plenty of fluids and keeping cool.

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The city is also encouraging landlords of buildings without air conditioning to provide a dedicated cooling room for vulnerable residents to escape the heat. Community agencies are encouraged to educate clients on the risks of heat-related illness and to call or check on those clients at increased risk of heat-related illness during alerts.

Meanwhile, Environment Canada has issued a humidex advisory for the Greater Toronto Area. Temperatures are expected to be in the low 30s but with the humidex values reaching the 40s.

The hot and humid weather is expected to stick around until the middle of the week.

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