UCP executive director takes aim at Calgary Chamber of Commerce on Twitter; chamber CEO weighs in

Notley calls out Kenney for UCP social media post against Calgary Chamber of Commerce
WATCH: Alberta Opposition Leader Rachel Notley called out Premier Jason Kenney during question period for a UCP member’s tweet against the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

The executive director of the United Conservative Party took to Twitter on Tuesday night to criticize the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Brad Tennant was responding to a tweet from the chamber that said: “Teck’s withdrawal of [the] Frontier project is a clear signal that we need real, decisive action on climate change.”
Tennant tweeted: “Another example of the Calgary Chamber putting themselves on a pedestal no one else [believes] they’re on.

“When Calgary businesses are struggling, it’s a genuine shame the chamber is focused on nothing but stroking their own vanity with downtown elites.”

Tweet posted by Brad Tennant, executive director of the United Conservative Party.
Tweet posted by Brad Tennant, executive director of the United Conservative Party. Twitter

Tennant’s tweet has since been taken down.

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“It’s not constructive,” said Sandip Lalli, the chamber’s president and CEO, on Wednesday.

“We’ve not responded nor are we going to because we really need to be on our front foot looking for solutions to say, ‘How do we move forward?’

“This isn’t just a provincial issue, right? Federally, we have to be connected and each province has to be connected on the voice of: what is our vision strategy for our natural resources and fighting climate change? It’s all underpinned with innovation.”

Opposition Leader Rachel Notley took Premier Jason Kenney to task for Tennant’s tweets during question period in the legislature on Wednesday, arguing that such statements from the UCP cost jobs.

Kenney did not directly comment on Tennant’s tweet, instead stating that rail blockages in Canada have created an unfriendly situation for investment.