Video captures man jumping onto moving car in Maple Ridge, RCMP investigating

Man seen jumping on moving vehicle in Maple Ridge
RCMP are investigating a bizarre incident caught on video where a man was jumping on a moving vehicle and hanging on while the car drove for blocks.

RCMP say they are investigating a bizarre incident in Maple Ridge where a man was seen jumping on a vehicle and holding on to it after the car began moving.

Video posted to Facebook by Bryan Johns shows the car stopped at the intersection of 210 Street and Dewdney Trunk Avenue on Saturday, while a man crouches on the windshield.

The man can be seen trying to open the passenger door while the vehicle moves side to side in an apparent effort to throw the man off.

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Suddenly, the man gets onto his feet and jumps down on the windshield, slipping and landing on the roof. He then tries again to jump on the car but slips again.

As the man reaches down again to try and open the passenger door, the car turns right onto Dewdney Trunk Road but is unable to shake the man.

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The man then slips down the side of the vehicle after it stops behind a white truck. When the car takes off again around the ruck, the man is still holding on to the side, his feet dangling down and dragging along the road.

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“He’s still going,” Johns marvels as the car speeds off into the distance, with the man continuing to hold on until both are out of sight.

Ridge Meadows RCMP confirmed they are investigating the incident, but wouldn’t say anything about whether the man was injured or what happened after the video ends.

Police said more information would be shared on Monday but confirmed “all parties” had been identified.

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