Video appears to show 2 missiles fired at Ukrainian plane in Iran

CCTV video appears to show two missiles launched at UIA flight PS752
WATCH: CCTV video appears to show two missiles launched at UIA Flight PS752

WARNING: Video contains graphic images not suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.

Security camera footage appears to show two separate missiles hit the Ukrainian airplane that was downed in Iran last week.

Previous video of the downing purportedly showed one missile hitting the plane just outside Tehran last Wednesday. This is the first video that appears to show two missiles take down the plane.

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The video shows the plane turned northwest, then south after being struck by the second missile, which is the direction of Imam Khomeini Airport, Storyful reports.

The New York Times reported that the new CCTV video was shot on the roof of a building close to a village called Bidkaneh, roughly six kilometres from an Iranian military site belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

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The outlet also suggested the date that appears on the footage — “2019-10-17,” instead of Jan. 8, the date the plane was shot down — could be the result of the security camera using the Persian calendar rather than the Gregorian one.

Trudeau wants compensation, justice for Canadians on Flight 752
Trudeau wants compensation, justice for Canadians on Flight 752

The New York Times and Storyful have verified the authenticity of the video. Global News has not independently verified it. The video was first uploaded to YouTube early Tuesday.

Iran admitted responsibility for the incident, which killed all 176 passengers including 57 Canadians on board, on Saturday morning. A statement from the military blamed the missile shootdown on a “human error.”

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as other world leaders, have promised a full investigation into deadly incident. In an interview with with Global National‘s Dawna Friesen Monday, Trudeau promised to hold Iran to account.

“This is something that happens when you have conflict and war,” he said. “Innocents bear the brunt of it and it is a reminder why all of us need to work so hard on de-escalation, moving forward to reduce tensions and find a pathway that doesn’t involve further conflict and killing.”